The Fleet & Facilities

Engine Company 1

Engine 8-1 was purchased in 2006 through a donation from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Foundation. This 1,000 gallon pumper is housed at the eastside station, thus also serving the BNSF yard and surrounding area.

Engine Company 2

Engine 8-2 was purchased in 2012 as part of a loan/grant through the United States Department of Agriculture. This 3,000 gallon pumper/tanker is housed at the main station and is our newest engine. This engine company provides primary response for the city and mutual/automatic aid requests.

Engine Company 6

Engine 8-6 was purchased in 1989 and is the oldest engine company in our fleet. This 3,000 gallon pumper/tanker is housed at the airport station, serving the west mesa area.

Ladder Truck 8-7

Ladder 8-7 (also known as "The Intimidator") was purchased in 2000 and is housed at the main station in downtown Belen. This truck gets its nickname from a famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, who was also known as "The Intimidator", because it led in his funeral procession after his death in February 2001.

Main Station

The main fire station for the city is located in downtown Belen off historic Becker Avenue and 6th Street (in the "Heart of Belen"). This station has served the town since the early 1970's built as a volunteer, on-call station. Today, this facility serves the combination department and also houses its administrative offices. This station houses an engine company, ladder truck, a brush truck and medical rescue. This facility also serves as our meeting and training room.

Eastside Main Station

Our eastside main station is located on the "east side" of the city near the Reinken Overpass and Wisconsin Road. This facility serves the east portion of the city which also houses an engine company, a brush truck and medical rescue. This facility was built in 2000 when the Reinken Overpass was expanded to the current 4 lanes. Prior to this station, the fire department operated out of a small, 1-bay station that was on the north side of the overpass.

Alexander Airport Station

The airport sub-station was constructed in 2008 to serve the Belen Alexander Municipal Airport complex and surrounding west mesa community.