Code Enforcement & Animal Control

For animal control services please call Valencia dispatch at 505-865-7501 or 505-865-9130.

The City of Belen Animal Control Department's regular hours of service are 8AM - 5PM Monday thru Friday. They are available for after-hours emergencies by calling 505-865-7501 or 505-865-9130.

The City of Belen recognizes a need for a more aggressive approach to enhance the safety, beautification and continued healthy growth in our community. We also pride ourselves in the history of Belen, and are working to preserve as many of its historic amenities as possible.

The City of Belen has established the Code Enforcement Department, it is comprised of Permitting, Animal Control, Risk Management, and Safety. This department is responsible for identifying and addressing problematic and/or troublesome areas, city code regulation violations and working with the public to reach a resolution that keeps Belen beautiful and safe for our residents and visitors.

Bringing all of these divisions together, enhances our operations and service to our residents. We have taken steps to present our staff in a professional manner that can address any type of city regulation complaint, ranging from animals to weeds. The department is staffed with 4 personnel inclusive of the Director, Administrator and two Municipal Regulation Specialists. All of which have been cross trained and can be utilized to address needs or complaints as they arise.

The Code Enforcement Department believes in public education and assistance before enforcement. We want to work with our community to make Belen a clean and safe place to raise our kids and retire comfortably. We will work closely with the Belen Police and Fire Departments to reach our goals.

The Animal Control officers are responsible for providing animal control services in the City of Belen.
This includes enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances regarding animal welfare and impounding stray domestic animals (dogs and cats). Remember, it is against the law to allow your dogs to run at large. This means dogs, must be restrained on your property by a fence, or tethered at all times. While walking your dog, it must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet.

Code Enforcement/Animal Control News & Events

Working For You

Our Code Enforcement/Animail Control staff members take pride in a job well done. As you can see from the following before and after photos, when we respond to your concerns, we do so in a thorough manner. Belen is a beautiful city with a long history, its upkeep is important and we take our tasks seriously so that all of us can enjoy our community.

  • Before lot overrun with weeds
  • After lot is cleaned up and there are no longer any weeds.
  • Before lot overrun with weeds
  • After lot is cleaned up and there are no longer any weeds.
  • Before home front piled with debris
  • After home has been cleared by Community Preservation Department
  • Before home yard piled with debris
  • After home has been cleared by Community Preservation Department

City of Belen Animal Control Fees

The following are our Impound fees for animals picked up while running at large in the city of Belen.

The Fees are:

  • 1st offense $25.00 dollars.
  • 2nd offense $50.00 dollars.
  • 3rd offense or more $75.00 dollars.

These fees are due at time of reclaim of animal. You may pay this fee at city hall water department located at 100 south main St Belen NM 87002.

Once you have paid your impound fee you will be given a reclaim form for your animal and you may pick it up at the Valencia County animal shelter located at 1209 Highway 314 SW, Los Lunas NM 87031.

Please make sure your animals are confined to your property at all times. When your animal is off property animal must be under owner control by leash no longer than eight feet.

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To make Belen beautiful, safe and comfortable for our residents through professionalism, education, assistance and enforcement.


Our vision is to identify problematic and troublesome areas within the community and provide education and assistance to enhance safe living, neighborhood growth, and community beautification.

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You can submit your completed forms via email to, deliver in person or send by mail.
Code Enforcement/Animal Control Contacts
Vidal Torres - Director - (505) 966-2682 - Email

Angelique Larson - (505) 966-2739 - Email

Robert Montiel - (505) 966-2723 - Email