City Ordinances

Draft Resolutions for Public Review

Draft Ordinances for Public Review

Published City Ordinances

Recent ordinances that have been passed are available to view at the below links.

Once an ordinance is passed we send it to be published publicly on Municode. There is a delay between when we send it and when they are able to update their system with the new ordinances.

Because of this delay, not all passed ordinances may appear on the Municode website. Please keep this in mind while you are browsing. We will post the links to recently passed Ordinances above to keep our citizens up to date.

Published City Resolutions

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Comprehensive Plan

At least every 5 years the City of Belen Comprehensive Plan is updated. This guiding document is created by the Planning and Zoning Commission with input from stakeholders and then adopted by the City Council.

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Comprehensive Plan