Report a Problem

Non-Emergency Dispatch Number (505) 865-9130

Before you submit a work request using the form below, consider if calling the non-emergency dispatch number would be a better option for your situation.

Some examples of instances for the non-emergency dispatch number would be:

  • City water line leaks
  • City wastewater line back-ups
  • Loose animals
  • Calls to the Police Department for the following:
    • Traffic accidents that do not include injuries
    • Loud music or barking dogs
    • To report a crime that is no longer in process and doesn't require an immediate response
    • To report missing property
    • Requests for information
    • To report the malfuncioning of traffic signals

Emergency: Dial 911

Non-Emergency but Urgent: (505) 865-9130

Important but routine issue: Service Request Form.