City Government Responsibilities

The City of Belen is governed by a mayor-council-city manager form of government, which includes three branches of elected government: mayor, council and judge.

The Mayor and City Council advise and direct the City Manager, who is responsible for daily oversight of city activities, staff and ordinance enforcement. The City Manager shall have a seat, but no vote, at every meeting of the City Council except when clearly undesirable or unnecessary. The Mayor and City Council shall request the opinion of the City Manager on any proposed measure to amend and approve city ordinances, regulations, and policies consistent with the statutes of the State of New Mexico. The municipal judge hears court cases involving violations of city ordinances.

City government is made up of a number of commissions, boards and committees that provide recommendations to the Mayor and City Council from time to time. The City of Belen Planning and Zoning Commission, appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council, is a five-member board that assists the Mayor and City Council with short-term and long-range planning and development for the city, including administration of the city's zoning ordinances.

All branches of city government work together to improve and grow the community as a whole.