Information Technology

TIF Committee Meetings

Agendas for TIF Committee Meetings will be posted here.

The Information Technology Department provides technology services to the City of Belen employees and its citizens.

The City's IT services range from desktop computer support, application support, server maintenance, public computing system, building access control, surveillance camera systems, building alarms, network maintenance and most things technology. The focus of the IT department is to provide end-users with effective and cost-efficient tools through the use of advanced technology. We continually strive to offer state-of-the-art hardware and software applications with maximum uptime. This provides the foundation for secure e-government and e-commerce services.

Our hardware infrastructure consists of Dell workstations, Panasonic ToughBooks and Dell servers. Data and telephone switching is built on HP ProCurve technology. Our telephone communication system is a Mitel VoIP system over a wide area network comprised of fiber optics at City facilities, connecting remote sites and point to point connections. We are constantly striving to save costs by eliminating costly legacy phone lines and integrate digital systems. Our Multi-Function Printer fleet consists of sixteen Canon machines scattered throughout all city facilities. Each MFP is managed by an enterprise wide application that monitors each job tracking paper and toner usage. This results in a greater return on investment whereby controlling waste and unnecessary printing and copying. Only authenticated users have access to each device.

Our public safety first responders have a new fleet of mobile computers utilizing FirstNet cellular technology and secure Netmotion VPN connectivity for a new Motorola based mobile CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system for 911 services.

We stand poised and committed to meeting the challenge of moving into the "Information Age" and stand ready to provide the best possible products and services to end-users.

Information Technology Committee

IT Committee means the information technology committee which is defined as a standing committee and shall serve as a fact finding committee which shall make recommendations to the City Council concerning the Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF) expenditures. The committee shall meet a minimum of twice per year and keep minutes which shall be presented upon request. The committee shall have a quorum in order to proceed. IT committee meeting shall be posted with any purchase advisories and announce each meeting to the public at least 72 hours in advance. The committee shall be made up of seven (7) members, composed of six (6) City of Belen Employees and one (1) citizen who resides within the city limits of Belen.

The committee shall be nominated by the Mayor with the advice and approval of the City Council and shall include one (1) member from each of the following areas:

1. IT (director, manager, staff member)

2. Finance (administration, risk management, planning and zoning and personnel)

3. Utilities (water, waste water, solid waste, streets)

4. Public safety (police, fire and emergency services)

5. Judicial (municipal judge or municipal court staff member)

6. Community services (library, recreation and RSVP)

7. A resident of the municipality who represents the general public

Administration of TIF monies collected.

The TIF committee shall advise the governing body on expenditure of funds authorized by presentation of the Capital Technology Improvement Plan annually to the City Council within the month of April. The governing body shall then administer the TIF monies collected and approve all budgeted items exceeding ten-thousand dollars ($10,000) requires approval of the City Council. The IT committee must also follow all City of Belen Procurement Code Procedures when purchasing TIF related items.

TIF Committee Meetings

The committee meets several times a year. For meeting times and locations, contact Belen City Hall.

IT Department Contacts

Jeffrey Cooper - Manager

(505) 966-2754 - Email

Jordan Linton - Technician

(505) 302-4606 - Email

Technology Infrastructure Fee Ordinance

Click here for the link to this ordinance detailing the Fee and TIF Committee Details.


The City of Belen provides FREE Wi-FI to limited areas at City of Belen facilities. These areas include the following locations:

  • City Hall Council Chambers
  • Public Library: adult, teen and children's
  • Municipal Court Room
  • Eagle Park Community Center
  • Harvey House Museum
  • RSVP