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Are you interested in becoming a member of the Belen Fire Department?

Ask any firefighter why they accept the challenges and risks they do and they will tell you in their own words that they feel a need to help others and give back to their community.  As firefighters work to fulfill their need to help others, they also meet the growing needs of their community. When you join the fire service, you are joining a profession steeped in tradition, a brotherhood dating to the beginning of American History. Today, you can walk into any fire house in the Country, tell them you are a firefighter and you instantly have a connection and shared sense of commitment to something that is greater than yourself.

Fire fighting is very demanding of any individual.  Many hours of training are involved, requirements must be met and regulations and standards are to be upheld.  Many like the feeling they get when they help people in their time of need and some feel it is an obligation to serve the community.  Yet others just want to belong to the team.  Whatever motivates you to volunteer – everyone gains the self satisfaction of being at their best when others are dealing with what is often the worst time of their life.

The personal rewards and satisfaction received from what we do are often beyond description.  There is the sense of accomplishment when you control a structure fire or extend compassion for automobile crash victims, and there is fulfillment from teaching fire safety education to children.

Volunteering with the City of Belen Fire Department is one of the most important decisions you may make.  We hope that you give this decision the time and serious consideration it deserves, and decide to join our ranks.

Recruitment Information

The Belen Fire Department is now accepting new volunteer fire fighter recruit applications for 2019.  All new recruits will be required to attend our fire academy in the fall.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be a United States citizen and 18 years of age;
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent;  (If you are a high school senior, your diploma needs to be presented at time of graduation)
  • Physically live in the Belen Fire District or Valencia County*;
  • Have a valid New Mexico Driver's License and acceptable driving record;
  • Be subject to an NCIC background check to include criminal and previous employment review;
  • Be subject to a pre-service drug and alcohol screening.

Recruit Training Information

The Recruit Class will provide the fire cadet with the basic training, knowledge and skills it takes to develop a fire fighter.  All applicants will be required to attend all training sessions to receive credit and complete the initial training program.  The combination IFSAC Fire Fighter 1 and 2 academy will be held at our station with our instructors, that will begin in the early fall.  During the orientation period, the cadet will receive a task book preparing them for the upcoming academy.

 For more information, contact Chief Charles Cox at 505-966-2710 or by email at

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