Delgado Roadway Improvement

The Delgado Roadway Improvement project is underway. This project will include new pavement, curbs, and an ADA accessible sidewalk. Our anticipated completion date is mid-October. Below are some pictures taken during the work on the project.

Repainting Belen Elevated Water Tank

UPDATE: The Belen Elevated Water Tank project is complete. The logo was enlarged and moved up one panel. the entire structure was sealed, reprimed, and painted. The Belen Elevated Water Tank is currently in the process of being re-painted. This should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Greer Road Paving

The paving of Greer road, which was a joint venture between the City of Belen and Valencia County, has been completed. Below are before/after photos of the project.

Magistrate/Municipal Court

The Magistrate/Municipal Court Facility construction is well under way and should be completed by summer 2023.

Eagle Park Renovations

Grass from last year’s reseed is looking amazing and Phase 2 of the Eagle Park renovations are going to get started soon. We will be adding a master plan in the upcoming weeks as we get closer.

Vivian Fields June 2022

Starting on June 1st, 2022 we will be thatching, aerating, reseeding, and fertilizing all three of the fields.

Jose Gallegos Park Renovation

We are excited to begin the planning and designing stages of the renovation of the Jose Gallegos Park. We will be converting half of the park into a dog park and will continue to update the public throughout the process.