Home Safety Tips

According to crime reports complied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in the time it takes to read this sentence, one burglary will be committed in the U.S.

In addition, the FBI reports that one out of six homes will be burglarized this year, with an average loss of $1,280.

Research shows that if a burglar can’t gain access to your home within 60 seconds, he moves on. Homeowners, who take care not to make it easy for a burglar to get into their homes, can reduce the risk of break-in.

While our nation has become more transient over the years and people move in and out of homes more frequently, it may be difficult to get to know your neighbors. However, knowing who your neighbors are and sharing the responsibility of watching out for each other’s home, are great deterrents to crime. A neighborhood that is well cared for, and where neighbors know and care for each other, is less likely to invite burglars. A Neighborhood Watch program is also helpful and beneficial.

While the Belen Police Department is committed to protecting the homes and businesses of city residents, and preventing burglaries is a priority, there are things residents can do to help ensure the safety of their home and business.

  • Purchases quality locks and make sure your doors are locked at all times. In many residential burglaries, thieves enter thought an unlocked door or window. Deadbolt locks offer additional security, so consider installing them.
  • Doors leading to the garage are often ignored by homeowners, but not by burglars. Easy access to the garage means easier access to your home. Make sure your garage doors have the same quality locks as the other doors of your home.
  • Sliding glass doors bring the outside in – and may also let a burglar in. Install a keyed locking device, adjust the track clearance on doors so they can’t be pushed out of their tracks, or put a strong metal or wooden bar along the track, to prevent doors from being easily opened.
  • Outdoor lighting is one of the best, and least costly, of all methods to prevent burglary. Make sure all entryways to your home are brightly lit. Motion sensing light, which turn on when someone approaches, are very effective and energy efficient. A potential burglar will think twice before entering if a bright light announces his presence.
  • When you’re away from home, make sure neighbors know you’re gone and if you have someone who will stop by to check on your home. Don’t close all draperies and invest in a timer that will automatically turn light’s on and off at the usual time. Have the post office hold your mail, or have a friend or relative pick it up for you. Stop your newspaper delivery and NEVER leave a message on your answering machine, telling people you are gone.