Why 2017 is Going to be Great

Jerah R. Cordova In 2016, the City of Belen saw millions of dollars in projects that benefits our city economically. Not only did we build a new Main Street overpass to help BNSF expand, but we also built a new runway at Belen Alexander Airport to bring United States Air Force training operations to Belen. There were lots of other … Read More

Celebrating Our Rich Belen History

Jerah R. CordovaBelen has among the richest of New Mexico traditions. This weekend as we celebrate the Our Lady of Belen Fiestas, as we have for well over 200 years, keep in mind that Belen is made special because of its 275 years of sometimes wild and always very western past. We’re a community of culture and history. The fiestas … Read More

More Than $21 Million in Projects!

Jerah R. Cordova Belen has completed more than $21 million in infrastructure projects in just over two years. That’s an incredible amount for our small city, and it more than shows how seriously the city takes the need to improve our city and its infrastructure. It’s a long list: $9.5 million to build a new North Main Street overpass to support the Belen rail … Read More

The Importance of Infrastructure

Jerah R. Cordova Infrastructure is the foundation of a community on which we can build a stronger economy — those things like roads, sidewalks, water lines, sewer lines, water tanks, airport runways and public facilities. In 2015, the City of Belen brought together partners in federal and state government to help pay to construct a new crosswind runway at Belen … Read More