Message From the Mayor – Monsoon Preparedness

What has Belén done to prepare for the coming monsoon season?

The Aragon Pond (the largest retention pond) will not be complete by this monsoon season, it will be ready by next year. This pond will hold 185 acre feet of water.

The Mae Reid Pond property has been tied up in probate for a few years. This process will be moving into the condemnation phase so construction may begin.

City crews have been very busy cleaning out our local culverts and drains. City staff has maintained the storm drains and has created a schedule. City crews will begin clean up of the silt in the current holding ponds on Camino, the Eagle Tank Ponds and the other holding ponds around town.

Valencia County has also been very helpful in keeping a watchful eye on things on the mesa beyond city limits and we appreciate their efforts as well.

Belén Schools has cleaned out the large holding pond near the high school, a great feat which could alleviate run off into the Highline Canal, potentially causing a breech.

The city has prepared 4,000 sandbags and as of earlier this week, only 60 had been given. You can reach out to Parks and Rec if you need them since they are being stored at Vivian Fields; (505) 966-2700

The Flood Master plan is also being updated, the last update was in 2009.

The Conservancy has not dredged the Highline Canal in many years. This is a great concern as removing silt and debris can increase the capacity of the canal. The canals and ditches are currently near capacity and will be of no real benefit in the event of a large rain event. In addition, we have asked for the Conservancy to clean out the Bosque Drain, another important element of moving water out of the city. As of today, they have not yet responded to that request with a timeline of the work.

We continue to be proactive as a City Council and I am grateful to have the continued support of our allies in the county as well as the support of our legislators.

Please stay out of holding ponds with ATVs. These are not obstacle courses. Belén PD has been advised to increase patrols around the ponds.

We always hope for the best during monsoon season, but stand at the ready to assist should there be a need.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Noblin