Home Owner Rehabilitation Program

The El Camino Real Housing Authority’s House by House Reservation Program is accepting applications. It’s important to note that filling out the application is only the first step in the program guidelines, it does not guarantee that you will receive assistance.

The House by House Reservation Program is part of he MFA’s Rehabilitation Program that provides home repairs or accessibility modifications to homeowners who are elderly or disabled and who need financial help to do so. Some of the services may include:

  • Energy-saving measures that help improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling of the home and reduce utility bills
  • Hazard reduction for elderly or disabled individuals who are at risk of falling such as installing ramps or rails in bathrooms.
  • Disabled persons accessibility modifications that include installing handrails and ramps or widening doors
  • Repair or replacement of major housing systems such as furnaces, Ducting or water heaters
  • General and essential property improvements that are non-luxury in nature that include roof replacement and mobile home replacement
  • Measures that bring a home up to code or into compliance
  • Utility connections

If you would like to complete an application you may download one below.