U.S. Census Bureau and Other Government Data

This data is for Belen, New Mexico.

Population Data

  • The population of Belen is approximately 7,269 (2010 Census).
  • Belen has a service area of more than 22,000 residents, which includes the City of Rio Communities, Town of Mountainair, and rural areas throughout southern Valencia County and northern Socorro County.
  • The amount of land area of Belen is 10.773 sq. kilometers.
  • The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers. Our eastern border is the Rio Grande.
  • There are thousands of vacant acres on our east and west mesas, including with easy access to I-25.
  • The City of Belen provides water and sewer service, and solid waste curbside pickup is administered by the city through a private contract with Waste Management.
  • Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) provides power to Valencia County over 115kV and 46kV transmission lines.
  • New Mexico Gas Company has provided natural gas to the county since 2008 when PNM sold the gas division.
  • CenturyLink and ENMR Plateau Telecommunications provide phone service and DSL, while Comcast provides cable television and broadband internet.
Major Employers
  • Belen is Valencia County's industrial leader. BNSF is among our largest employers at its downtown train refueling and maintenance yard. Major national and international manufacturers include Clariant, Aristech, Cemco, Sisneros Bros. and New Mexico Travertine.
  • We have service and retail ranging from franchises like Walmart and Holiday Inn to small mom and pop shops.
  • Government provides a number of jobs, including air operations training conducted by the United States Air Force at our airport and the robust Belen Consolidated School District.


Belen is located in the western United States. It is in Valencia County, right in the middle of New Mexico.

New Mexico's largest city of Albuquerque is approximately 35 miles north of Belen, or a quick half hour drive on I-25. The City of Rio Communities is adjacent to the east. Los Lunas, the county seat, is 10 miles north. Socorro is approximately 45 miles south of Belen.

The distance to the state capital of Santa Fe is 95 miles or an hour and a half drive.

Belen’s elevation is 4,800 feet above sea level.


Belen is in the lush Rio Grande Valley to the west of the majestic Manzano Mountains. Mesas, or raised land with a flat surface, border the west side of Belen and stretches well into Socorro County. The Rio Grande runs through the center of the valley, offering surface water irrigation to the many farms that dot the rural landscape surrounding the city.

Climate & Weather

In Belen, the sun shines nearly every day. In the summer, the daytime average is around 95 degrees with average night time low in the 60s. In the winter, daytime highs average in the low 50s while night time lows average in the low 20s.

The last expected frost is mid to late April. While the first frost is expected in late October.

Belen's average annual precipitation is 7.15 inches per year. The average annual humidity is 43%.

Major weather events are exceedingly rare, with occasional high winds and dust storms.


Belen’s close proximity to Albuquerque allows it to draw from the largest labor pool in New Mexico. While many residents work in Valencia County, many also commute to Albuquerque for work. Belen residents offer a diverse set of skills and expertise.