Community Preservation Spring Clean Dumpsters

We are providing 3 , 30-foot dumpsters available to city of Belen Residents for FREE disposal of unwanted garbage and debris. Dumpsters are first come first served. The dumpsters will be emptied and replaced  throughout the event.

Do Not Over-fill Dumpsters. This prevents the cover guard from working properly when exchanging dumpsters .

All Trash and Debris. Must be disposed into the dumpster and not on the side.

Absolutely NO Construction Debris. No concrete, soil, tires, fridges , or liquid wastes such as oil, paints or other chemicals .

The Dumpsters are free to use for Belen Residents . We hope this lends help to our citizens  to clean their properties and promote a cleaner community.

We will operate from 9am to 3pm as long as dumpsters have room. If dumpsters fill up we will close until Dumpsters are emptied to allow more deposits.

Special Thanks to Universal Waste Systems.