Construction Projects/ Engineering

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Economic Development

Home A City Ready to Grow Belen is a city ready to grow. Located at the southern end of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area and only a 30-minute drive from New Mexico’s largest urban city, Belen services a local population of more than 21,000 residents, including more than 7,200 of its own residents. Transportation Infrastructure Belen is located along Interstate 25 … Read More

Film Belen

Home The City of Belen, especially our historic downtown, has played host to dozens of films over the years. Going all the way back to 1971, film greats Betty Davis, Ernest Borgnine, and Jack Cassidy walked the streets of Belen in one of the first films shot here, “Bunny O’Hare.” Seven years later in 1978, Borgnine returned to the Hub … Read More

Planning & Zoning

Home In Belen, the Planning Department continuously improves the quality of life in the City making the transition smooth for both individuals and business. The City Planning Department oversees Economic Development of the City. Whether you live in Belen, are just visiting, or are thinking of settling down here, we want you to know you’re very welcome to the Hub … Read More