Westside Pond Update

Construction is complete on all earthworks on Westside Pond with fencing to be installed this week  A substantial walkthrough is tentatively scheduled for this Thursday, February 9th.

Delgado Roadway Improvements

The ongoing project to improve Delgado Road has reached another milestone. The paving project of Delgado and 10th street has been completed.

Well 8 Arsenic Treatment Facility

***UPDATE*** The Well 8 Arsenic Treatment Facility is 95% complete. There is a scheduled Start-up/Shakedown on October 31st with substantial completion due by mid-November. The Well 8 Arsenic Treatment Facility is currently under construction. The tentative completion date for this project is June 24, 2022. Images from the Well 8 Arsenic Treatment Facility

Magistrate/Municipal Court

***UPDATE*** Work is progressing well on the Magistrate/Municipal Court project. We are providing updated pictures of the building below. The Magistrate/Municipal Court Facility construction is well under way and should be completed by summer 2023.

Delgado Roadway Improvement

***UPDATE*** Work will be commencing after weather and change-order delays with substantial completion expected by mid-November. The Delgado Roadway Improvement project is underway. This project will include new pavement, curbs, and an ADA accessible sidewalk. Our anticipated completion date is mid-October. Below are some pictures taken during the work on the project.