Bosque Fire near Jarales in Valencia County.

This will be a pinned post for the Active Bosque fire at the South end of Valencia County near Jarales Road & St. Thomas. All updates and instructions will be here.

Via Valencia County Fire Department


We are happy to report that both the Big Hole and Simona Fires are now 100% contained.
We are extremely grateful to all the crews that worked tirelessly for the past two weeks.
Please be aware that fire season is far from over, and we have a long summer ahead of us.
Thank you again for all the support!

**FIRE UPDATE 4/23 Evening**

All lines held on the Simona Fire yesterday and ovenite.
Crews have made excellent progress with suppression efforts on aerial heat sources with saw operations and mop up today.
The Simona Fire is 75% contained.

**FIRE UPDATE 4/23 via Valencia County Fire Department**

We were very lucky yesterday, and made it through the extreme winds without having any fire flare ups.
That means that our crews did an exceptional job in the days leading up to yesterday. It also means that the community recognized the dangers and did an amazing job of being proactive. Thank you all for that!
We continue to have crews working both fires, but we have not seen any fire growth or fire exit our containment areas in a couple of days. This is great news and means we are almost to the point of being able to call both these fires fully contained.
We’ve received questions about why it takes so long to call a fire 100% contained, so here are a few of those answers.
We evaluate many things including projected weather behavior, heat within the fire area, fuel access and physical containment lines. If we have erratic winds, we will not commit to a 100% containment. If there is still a lot of heat within the fire area we are also reluctant to call it 100%.
This fire season is going to be very bad, and we are doing everything we can to be proactive to that.
A big thank you again to all the crews that have worked these fires, and to all of you in the community for your tremendous support.

**FIRE UPDATE 4/22 9AM via Valencia County Fire Department**

First, please be aware that there will be a significant wind event throughout today, with gusts estimated in the 60-80 mph range. Combine that with critical fire weather, and it is a recipe for disaster.

The Simona Fire is sitting at 25% containment. We have 3 Engines, 1 Tender and a Dozer working the fireground this morning.

As the winds start to increase, those crews will switch to patrol in the area, and monitor for any fire that may escape containment areas.

Our crews are ready to respond to any incident, but a fire today could quickly grow out of control.
Please be cognizant of the Burn Ban, and avoid any activity that has sparks or open flames.

**Simona FIRE UPDATE 4/21 1:00pm via Valencia County Fire Department**

Simona Fire is now 25% contained. We have 33 personnel working the fire from 4 agencies. Crews established good containment lines last night, and the fire has not escaped those areas. We will continue to work throughout the day.

The Big Hole Fire is now 95% contained and we still have resources continuing work in that area as well.


Morning Fire Update-via Valencia County Fire Department.

Currently the Simona fire is still at 165 acres. Crews established good containment lines yesterday evening, and they have all held.

Crews will be working the fire area aggressively today due to the potential for 60-80 mph winds tomorrow.

We will have helicopter drops occurring most of the day and ground crews will be working as well. There are no structures threatened, and no evacuations are ordered.

We will continue to protect the gas pipelines and telecom lines. Thank you to the community for all your support~

FIRE UPDATE 4/20 9pm via VCFD

Weather conditions have been more favorable this evening for crews working the fire.
Currently we have 66 personnel from 6 agencies working the fire.
Resources include 3 bulldozers and 2 helicopters, in addition to our fire suppression units.
The fire is still approx 165 acres. Containment is being assessed, although the fire has not jumped any containment lines this evening.
Crews will be monitoring the fire throughout the night, and will re-engage in the morning.
No structures are currently threatened and no evacuations are in place.
We will provide another update tomorrow morning.

**Update 4/20 @ 6pm

The bosque fire in Jarales, now called the Simona Fire, is an estimated 165 acres, this afternoon.
Valencia County Fire Chief Matt Propp said there is 0 percent containment at this time due to high winds.
Calls of a possible fire in the bosque along Jarales Road, north of N.M. 346, started coming in around 12:45 p.m.

It grew quickly and jumped the Rio Grande to the east side shortly after 1 p.m.
Evacuations are voluntary at this time.
Propp said crews have been assigned to protect the natural gas lines that cross the river and major telecomm lines in the area. The chief said the fire is about a quarter mile south of the gas lines.
No structures have been damaged or lost; one was at risk early on but the fire has moved past it.
The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, Propp said, but notes there were no weather events in the area that would have caused the blaze.

Jarales Road is currently closed in both directions. Any donations need to be taken to Jarales fire station or community center.

**Crews from VCFD, Rio Communities, Socorro County, and State Forestry are on scene. Fire is estimated at 30-50 acres with 0% containment. BSCO is en-route with their helicopter to do bucket drops from the air.

There are only voluntary evacuations in place but we will update if that changes.

*Eagle Park Community Center opens as a shelter starting at 5:00 PM.

Please stay out of the area so crews can work safely.

Thank you.