A Quick Word About the City of Belen’s Drinking Water

Be assured that the City of Belen is committed to supplying not only safe drinking water but also an adequate supply for residential, commercial and Fire protection needs.

Here is a brief explanation of our most recent Water quality Report which are always for the previous year.

As required to report by NMENV the City had violations for the 1st ,2ndand 3rd quarters of 2022. Of these violations, the only violation of the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) was at Well 8. It was at 11 Parts Per Billion where the MCL is 10 Parts Per Billion. This level is at the Wellhead which is then treated to remove the Arsenic the others were reporting or sampling violations at Well 6 which provides water at NMDOT, MRGCD and NM National Guard Armory which all have Point of Use filters to remove Arsenic so at no time was the City’s water unsafe.

The City of Belen does not add anything to the water supply other than disinfection. Sampling on the Contaminate Table are all either naturally occurring or required to be sampled and as Table results show are all well below MCL levels or non-detectable.

City of Belen Water Dept.