City of Belen, The Hub City

The Teen Hub

One of the most outstanding additions to the Belen Public Library when it was remodeled, was the addition of a library just for teens. A place where teens can hang out and call their own. In fact they call it "The Teen Hub".

The Teen Hub has it's own collection of books for young adults as well as 14 computer workstations where teens can research the internet, do homework or just play games.

What is Cyberbullying

The Belen Public Library promotes Internet safety. This message is brought to you in part by the National Crime Prevention Council.

Online bullying, called "cyberbullying", happens when teens and adults use the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person. "Cyberbullying" is a problem that affects almost half of all Americans. Whether you’ve been a victim of "cyberbullying", know someone who has been "cyberbullied", or have even "cyberbullied" yourself, there are steps you and your friends can take to stop "cyberbullying" and stay cyber-safe.